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8 Awesome Farmhouse Lighting Kits to Fit Any Budget

Mid Century 8-Light Sputnik Chandelier

Add a beautiful mid-century 8-light sputnik chandelier to give it a splash of farmhouse style. A gorgeous sputnik chandelier brings some farmhouse charm into your living space. This mid-century 8-light sputnik chandelier features an organic, asymmetrical design.  Ideal for dining room or living room, it is so versatile that it can be incorporated into a variety of interiors. You can transform your chandelier lights by creating rustic sputnik opal globe shades to cover your more contemporary styled lights. 

Minimalist Black LED Wall Sconce

From rural areas to urban residences, farmhouse style is a favorite design for most people. This tried-and-true trend embraces a love for traditional silhouettes, delicate details, and home charm. This minimalist black LED wall sconce is coordinated with popular fixtures and metal finishes with its simple design, which can provide a wide range of LED wall sconce for every application and environment. Take the farmhouse a step further with rustic this minimalist led wall sconce. This neutral look is ultra-chic, adding a fresh, organic element. 

Farmhouse Wooden Geometric Beam Pendant

The farmhouse decoration is famous for its carefully selected, redesigned exterior. Antique-style decoration and weathered paint finish give the farmhouse an iconic charm, while rustic wood and metal parts make the space real. This fixture has the style of a farmhouse with a wooden geometric frame pendant. It features a wooden openwork geometric frame. At a glance, it features a farmhouse wooden pendant lights and a rust finish with retro style. Used singly or in multiple, it looks marvelous over your dining table or in the living room and bedrooms.


Mid Century 2-Light Sunburst Wall Sconce

The rustic fixture is defined by its use of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Set the tone for your space with eye-catching, Craftsman-inspired light fixtures, or exposed bulbs with an industrial feel. Its simple and understated design make it a perfect fit in the farmhouse and minimalist rooms alike. This visually striking mid-century 2-light brass sunburst wall sconce brings character and unique design. Stunning metal rods with antique gold finish transport your wall from a blank canvas to art.


Mid Century Cone Wall Sconce

A contemporary idea, the mid-century cone wall sconce is given a farmhouse makeover in this light fixture. This industrial element blends in nicely with the farmhouse style. These unique lights would be great in any farmhouse or industrial style home. Crafted from metal, it features an up and down cone in a matte black finish for a mid-century and minimalist feel. Connect this cone wall sconce to a compatible dimmer switch to create an excellent ambiance for any time. The style is simple and clean, with practicality winning out over any style flourishes.


Mid-Century Minimalist Globe Ceiling Light


This mid-century minimalist globe ceiling light is understated and perfect matches to the farmhouse lighting style. They illuminate a hallway, and the black color provides a nice contrast to the all-white walls. These are bright lights that will get the job done while being aesthetically pleasing. Crafted from metal, this minimalist globe glass ceiling light features a round canopy in a versatile brass finish. Bring a boost of brightness in your home with this mid-century minimalist globe glass ceiling light.


Farmhouse Empire Shape LED Ceiling Light

Rustic farmhouse design places more of an emphasis on function than form, eschewing the femininity and softness of cottage-style farmhouses. The most important spaces in a rustic farmhouse home are those where family and friends can gather together: the kitchen, the dining room, the living area. Featuring a farmhouse empire shape design, this led ceiling light is an art in simple, subtle looks, while its lights shine radiantly through a frosted acrylic shade to create a glowing and warm ambiance in your environment. 


Farmhouse Led Wooden Round Soft Light Lamps

Farmhouse decor is known for its curated, repurposed look. Antique-style accents and weathered paint finishes lend signature farmhouse charm, while rustic wood and metal pieces keep the space down-to-earth. Inspired by farmhouse design, a frosted acrylic diffuser ensconced integrated led incandescent to soften bright lights as it's separated throughout your space. The lamps are surrounded by a wooden round structure, which can soften the light and bring a quiet atmosphere to the farmhouse.









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