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The 10 Best Farmhouse Lighting Ideas for Your Rustic Home

Industrial Rustic 3-Light Steampunk Wall Sconce

A rustic industrial looking wall sconce with a 3-light concept will make up for vintage decor in any place. The classic metal frame adds charms to the settlement where it will be placed. Inspired by industrial styling, this rustic 3-light steampunk wall sconce brings a boost of brightness and a touch of what’s trending into your space, hanging with the bulbs makes it even more retro making this wall sconce perfect for both indoor settings as well as outdoors. Enhance the look of any bathroom, bedroom, reading nook, or living room with this industrial wall sconce. 



Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

Farmhouse style is a charming decor scheme that’s as cozy as it is chic. Rustic industrial style 3 light hanging pendants with glass shadows can provide wider ambient lighting. The black finish enriches the appearance and leaves a deep impression everywhere. In the middle of the weighted ball helps to keep the suitable height and the black metal hooded light completes this 3-light rustic pendant light. It showcases a relaxing lifestyle and a beautiful home. This rustic industrial farmhouse pendant lighting warmly embraces your family and friends while making them feel comfortable. 


Industrial Retro Steampunk Iron Wall Sconce

Farmhouse style is a wonderful decor scheme that’s as chic as it is retro, compatible with almost any decor with its versatile style. This retro industrial iron wall sconce showcases a bold pipe shape design, combining aesthetics with functionality for the application, casting light in an ambient direction.  The retro iron industrial wall sconce features a brushed distressed finish, which adds more personality to your home decor. Perfect for the dining room, corridor, bedroom, and reading room, and surely eye-catching from your visitors and stand out in the entire decor.


Modern Farmhouse Industrial Sputnik Chandelier

With no shortage of rustic wood, kitchen island, and special design, you’ll love the Farmhouze decorating journey. This industrial sputnik chandelier brings a stylish and chic appearance of a modern farmhouse, whether it is in the rustic or anywhere else, it will shine. The industrial sputnik chandelier is composed of metal and black finishes. It has a round ceiling mount, boom, and 8 arms radiating from a central connection point. Farmhouse style is superbly versatile, and it’s a great choice to pull together an eclectic collection or to add unexpected warmth to minimalist or modern schemes.


Farmhouse 3-Light Black Wall Sconce

If you love farmhouse decor but are not sure where to start, look at your lights! This 3-light black wall sconce in the farmhouse style runs the compass from antique-inspired to warm industrial to shabby-chic. It is composed of an iron base with a clear glass shade. A clear glass shade completes the look, providing a clear view of three compatible 60 W medium-base bulb (not included) as it casts a warm glow over any space in your home. The signature combinations of metal and glass create a beautiful and rustic look that feels elegant and worn-in. 


Farmhouse Wooden 2-Light Wall Sconce

No farmhouse space is complete without beautiful lighting. Discover both modern and rustic take on farmhouse lighting ideas and find options for your indoor space while maintaining your easygoing, down-home style. Its two candlestick bulbs are exposed to provide a warm glow to any area of your home. Not only lighting, but this farmhouse wooden 2 light wall sconce will stand out on any wall. With its striking antler design, it is not only a lighting device but also a prominent representative of any wall decoration.


Farmhouse 3-Light Square Pendant


Rustic style is a charming decor scheme that’s as cozy as it is chic. Whether you have adopted the farmhouse trend for your entire home or you’re looking for a dash of the style here and there, it’s compatible with almost any decor. This black farmhouse 3-light square pendant is inspired by an elegant lantern. The open frame is composed of smooth square steel tubes, adding an elegant aesthetic to this farmhouse square pendant. A candelabra style bulb is a great choice to add a warm glow to your restaurant or foyer.


3-Light Elegant Glass Shade Pendant Light

The style of the rustic is very versatile and is an excellent choice for bringing together eclectic series or adding unexpected warmth to simple or modern solutions. If you love farmhouse decor but are not sure where to start, look at this light! Lighting fixtures in the farmhouse style run the gamut from antique-inspired to warm industrial to shabby-chic.  This 3-light elegant glass shade pendant light has different shapes (like oval, cylinder), which shows a farmhouse style. Varying length is designed to highlight its rustic style. A dimmable hanging cable and glass material mean you can customize the look of the pendant light even further.  


Farmhouse 4-Light  Kitchen Island Linear Pendant

The rustic farmhouse style is a celebration of pure nature and vulgar style. The most important spaces in a rustic farmhouse home are those where family and friends can gather together: the kitchen, the dining room, the living area. It means that a beautiful fixture is a necessity.  This farmhouse eye-catching kitchen island linear pendant is bound to shine, bringing warm and farmhouse charm into any space in your home! Crafted from metal in a new black finish, it features an open geometric design for a farmhouse and industrial look. 


Farmhouse 4-Blade Nickel LED Ceiling Fan

A retro, sturdy fixture is the highlight of a beautiful farmhouse rustic bedroom. Look to this farmhouse 4-blade nickel LED ceiling fan to bring a stately, vintage feel to a bedroom. This farmhouse led ceiling fan features an integrated 18 watt LED light. When the hot weather comes, you can easily add a cool, comfortable condition for your room. It brings a sophisticated style to any living space with remote control.






































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